Getting organised for the new school year #1

The start of a new school year is nearly upon us and it can either mean a time of excitement or awful nerves.   Relieve some of the anxiety and stress by setting a good example as the parent and planning ahead yourself:

  1. Contact the school to check if there are any book or supplies lists and plan to buy these before the mad rush at the end of the school holidays.
  2. Check the school uniform for cleanliness and fit.  It may surprise you to find junior has shot up a couple of inches or grown a shoe size during the holiday.  If you are on friendly terms with other parents at the school, see if you can arrange a clothes swop for siblings if the uniforms are still in decent condition.
  3. If your child is starting at a new school, make sure you carry out a practice run in the car or taxi with them during the same morning or afternoon rush hour.  Add another 15 minutes during the first week to allow some buffer.  Point out the landmarks along the way so your child does not feel lost.
  4. If your child will be taking a school bus for the first time or after moving house, make sure during the first week that you give her a photocopied map and a written contact number for someone who can provide directions .  Don’t assume the driver knows every drop off point even though he has the postal address nor it’s the always same driver, especially on activity days.
  5. Check if you can download the school calendar from its website and transfer immediately all important dates (vacations, examinations, after school clubs and excursions) to your home calendar.  Organising family activities will be so much easier if everyone’s schedule can be seen at a glance.
  6. If there are any special needs (dietary, teaching style), make sure you contact the school or form teacher beforehand to communicate these.  Making the teacher aware of colour-blindless or the need to sit closer to the front will support his teaching efforts and avoid any awkward moments for the child in front of her class.
  7. Start a week in advance to get the children back into a term-routine, as doubtless there will have been later nights or vacations which will have upset the normal schedule.  Setting up routines at home can give students a solid structure to thrive during the school year; they know what to expect.

In the next blog, I’ll be sharing some simple organizing tips for kids that will help them throughout their study years and beyond, not just in getting psyched up for the new school term.


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