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Your living space should serve as the most robust retreat from the stresses of everyday life.  Why? – because we usually start and end each day at home.  A healthy home is created around two major premises; firstly it means minimising exposure to harmful substances and negative effects; secondly it involves actively creating a peaceful and conducive surrounding for a healthy state of mind.

While those with heart disease and chronic lung disease, including asthma, are more at risk even healthy people are affected by air pollution. Children are especially vulnerable because their lungs are still developing and they breathe in more air for their size and weight, compared to adults.  Common contaminants are dust mites, mould, pollen and pet dander (fur and minute particles of skin) as they collect moisture, dirt and debris.

The January article of Home & Decor dishes out the dirt on household dangers and how to organise a clean start to 2012.

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