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Time to de-clutter and delete your old technology, South China Morning Post

UK has just finished its National Organising Week (NOW) 5-11 November 2018. It made me reflect how far Asia has come since I launched Singapore’s NOW campaign in November 2012. Media coverage, awareness and the fabulous Mari Kondo books have ensured people are now familiar with search words like “declutter”...
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Work on a clean slate, Straits Times Jan 2015

Asian Professional Organisers shared with the Singapore Straits Times newspaper  her top tips for organisation techniques in the office, often overlooked during Spring cleaning.  But, emphasised Georgina, it’s not just for tidiness, but to maximise your space and to achieve greater productivity year round. Click on the link to read...
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How to do everything faster, Simply Her

Do ever feel guilty about the number of times you say “Hurry up!” – to your children, to your partner or colleagues?  Do you feel you’re constantly battling against the clock to achieve work-life balance?  Simply Her decided the solution is to find better ways to do things more quickly...
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How to dump the digital junk, Young Parents

With Singapore’s high connectivity , (wireless broadband population penetration rate is 144.2%) it seems that everybody has an insatiable appetite for digital media consumption .  So just how are we supposed to keep track of all our favourite programmes, apps, documents, music files, photos, messages and notes?? There’s no better...
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Business benefits of getting organised

It’s all very well having an immaculate office where every piece of paper is accounted for, but how exactly is this new-found organisation going to make a difference? You’ll achieve more. When you’re disorganized, there are always barriers that hold you back from reaching your goals. But organized people eliminate...
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