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How to speed things up to slow down, Elle Singapore

Do you feel you’re always going at full speed ahead?  Elle interviewed APO during the 2013 Singapore National Organising Week for our top organising tips to free up more time and do the things you truly enjoy.  Reboot your life with their five favourite fast fixes below. Elle Fix it...
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Professional Organisers fix your mess, Sunday Times

Whilst 1 in 5 Singapore households officially employ a foreign domestic worker, it’s estimated that nearly half of the population takes advantage of the services of a full or part time cleaner.  However when it comes to de-cluttering and getting organised, people are realising the benefits of hiring a Professional...
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The ten biggest organising mistakes

By the time you have started investigating Professional Organising services, I’m sure you’ll have tried many times to get yourself, your space and time under control.  What has been going wrong with your past efforts? Let’s identify the 10 most common problems in organising: Rushing out to buy special containers...
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What type of clutter personality are you?

As a Professional Organiser, it’s vital to grasp the client’s brief and external challenges (space or financial limitations, whether they own or rent the home/office, comporate guidelines etc.)  However an understanding of their habits and personality can also offer vital clues as to the best solution for de-cluttering and re-organising....
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