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In Perfect Order, Home and Decor

Did you know ‘getting organised’ is one of the top three New Year’s resolutions every year?  The pressure is on with the Chinese New Year of the Rooster also falling in January in 2017! Spring clean and re-organise in one fell swoop, read below. In Perfect Order, Home & Decor...
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A new year, a new space. Time Out Singapore

It’s the first week of 2015 and time to start afresh!  Did you know that decluttering and getting organised are in the top three New Year’s resolutions every time?  Time Out magazine picked the brains of Singapore’s most experienced professional organisers and furniture stores to give you some guidance. Call...
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Space saver, Weekender Singapore

Asian Professional Organiser’s CEO, Georgina Wong, has become known as the Mistress of Space. Whilst a qualified Real Estate Agent, she coaches people how to maximise their existing space as a priority.  There are 3 top questions to ask yourself when it comes to making the most of your room...
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