Frequently Asked Questions

Q?Do you charge by project or by the hour?

After the complimentary first assessment, we charge by the hour for online/skype consultations and by project for face-to-face consultations where we work on site.

Q?How will you estimate the time and fee for my project?

We operate on a minimum of 3 hours for an onsite organisational visit.  As a guideline, the average organising charge for a full day (8 working hours) in Singapore is between S$900-1,000.  International assignments will need to be quoted separately.  Some important factors which help determine the quotation are:

  • Complexity of the project, technical skill and number of Professional Organisers required.
  • The physical size of your space and amount of stuff to go through.
  • How committed you are to finding a lasting solution.
  • How much time you require to take a decision.
  • Whether you can learn the system and continue on your own, or if you wish us to complete the entire area.
Q?Do you work by yourself or do I have to be there with you?

We prefer to work side by side with our clients:

  • We will need to get to know you and your habits.
  • We believe in coaching.  It is vital you are involved in devising a tailor-made system and learn how to properly maintain to avoid back sliding.
  • The exception, after mutual agreement of the objective, is in the case of business or digital organisation where we can work independently on setting up the agreed filing/archiving system and hand over an inventory.
Q?Will you tell me where to put all my stuff?

Yes, we ask you questions about what you use and how often you use it to map out a system for your personality and habits before showing you how best to store everything. We may ask you to consider changing some habits/workflow if they seem to be contributing to clutter accumulation/undermining productivity.

Q?Will you insist on me getting rid of my possessions?

We do not determine which belongings stay or go.  Only you can decide if it is of use/value to you and worth keeping but we will lead you through a proven process to reduce the amount depending on your space and lifestyle.

Q?Who provides/pays for organising supplies such as containers and shelving?

The client does.  If you instruct us to shop for agreed purchases we will add 10% to the cost to cover time and travel incurred.  However we strongly recommend that you do not invest in any special containers until we have completed our needs assessment.

Q?I’m moving but don’t know how much space I need because I have so much stuff. Can you help me with the entire relocation?

Yes, Georgina is a Real Estate Professional certified in Singapore.  She is experienced in assessing the optimal space and negotiating the best property and price.  APO can declutter prior to and supervise the move in order to reduce:

  • your moving expenses
  • long-term rental or purchase costs
  • time spent
  • stress levels